Photography by Ivo Sekulovski

I’m 21 years old and finishing my last year of studies and soon to get Bachelor of Arts Degree in Photography.


I don’t really think of myself as a photographer, I’m more of a visual artist and instead I would call myself an ‘image maker’ since I love creating images and not photographs only.
I really enjoy taking pictures of people. I love meeting new and interesting people, people that has something, something that sparks in them, you know. I don’t know how to explain it. The personality, the spirit, if there’s no spirit in the person, you are not gonna see it in the photograph. It’s just not going to come to life. There needs to be a connection, there needs to be something.


I want to explore the fashion ‘branch’ of photography and change it in a way, pushing the boundaries and questioning the status quo that we have in classical fashion photography for decades and giving more free and artistic approach to it. Apart from people and fashion, I work on personal art projects since my school is dedicated more to art and is aimed at teaching us to think like artists and I can say I really enjoy that part as well.


Is very hard to say it when it comes question for my style because I’m still looking for the answer :) I think that is what keeps you moving forward, because you never stop looking for answers.


At the end I want to share one quote that I have written it down on a paper note. It’s from some photographer that I don’t remember his/her name anymore.
“Photography is a place to hide away, place to be free, a possibility to be someone else, a chance to be yourself, a place to grow and to never grow up!!!


You can find more of Ivo’s photos on this websites: Behance, Flickr & Facebook


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