Photography by Petar Sokarovski

Through my photos i am trying to describe my life and the stories behind it. My photos are more like a reminder for me. They remind me where I was, what I did and who was I with. I like to travel a lot. In 2011 I started exploring my home country Macedonia, traveling around every weekend in different villages. Although i like to travel and explore and my hobby is photography i don’t want to take photos of landscape, nature and architecture because if I do so then I won’t have the need to comeback one day. My trademark is shooting against the sun and flares and i shoot with Canon 400D, 50mm 1.8, 18-55mm, and i recently bought Canon 300 Film camera. My favorite two subjects are Straight Lines and People Stories. Recently i started a cooking blog just so i can remember all the recipes that i learn while i travel. You can find more about me on Twitter and Facebook.


Here’s a selection of Petar’s portfolio:


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