Photography by Jovan Kucinovski

Jovan Kucinovski was born on 01.03.1986 in Ohrid. He is a senior at the Faculty of Arts, Department of Film and TV directing in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria. He has lived and worked in Skopje, Macedonia, since 2009. He directed a successful show which was broadcast by a national TV station. At the moment he also works as an editor and is actively involved in photography. He’s first independent exhibition was unveiled under the name “Љуѓе” in “Galerija 8″, Skopje. This exhibition was also held as part of the Art festival “UFO” in Ohrid.


Directed, Filmed and Edited / Jovan Kucinovski:

Jovan Kucinovski Photography:


Here’s a selection of Jovan’s portfolio:

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