Photography by Ivan Vukelic

Ivan Vukelic has been creating imagery in one form or another since he was old enough to hold a pencil. He quickly showed love and natural talent for drawing and painting, but he was lucky enough to find interest in photography a few years ago, ever since then, he has worked to define their style, honing his skills.


“I am influenced by past and present style; whenever I shoot I like to create stories with an underlying sense of narrative. I am deeply inspired by elements of influential style, old masters in painting and photography, and untouched beauty. All of my experiences in life thus far have been reflected through my imagery, and continue to shape me personally, and as an artist. I am ALWAYS thinking about photography. It never ends.

The world of photography began to perceive with a Nikon D40 which then upgrade to the Nikon D300 which this year was replaced by Nikon D600”


You can find more of his photos on: Flickr, 500px, Facebook and Buy Prints.

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