Monika Mulichkovska

Photography by Monika Mulichkovska

My name is Monika Mulichkovska and I am a graphic designer, but photography is my first love.

Katja Shtrkova

Photography by Katja Shtrkova

I fell in love with photography 4 or 5 years ago. Before I started taking photos I felt a spark every time I took hold of some old family photos or the old family Praktica l2.

Aleksandar Bunevski

Photography by Aleksandar Bunevski

Photographer with a degree in graphic design.   It is natural for photographers to experience photography differently.

Miladin Papovic

Photography by Miladin Papovic

I am an accomplished sysadmin, and (for the past few years of my life) a photographer.

Ivo Sekulovski

Photography by Ivo Sekulovski

I’m 21 years old and finishing my last year of studies and soon to get Bachelor of Arts Degree in Photography.

Erina Bogoeva

Abandoned places by Erina Bogoeva

I have always been obsessed with tracking life through a visual medium, so when received my first DSLR, everything made sense.


Photography by Amer Demishoski

I fell in love with photography when I was 15 years old and received a Nikon F1 as a present from my grandfather.

Andonovska Ana

Minimalist photography by Ana Andonovska

“A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away.”