Jovan Kucinovski

Photography by Jovan Kucinovski

Jovan Kucinovski was born on 01.03.1986 in Ohrid. He is a senior at the Faculty of Arts, Department of Film and TV directing in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria.

Marjan Lazarevski

Photography by Marjan Lazarevski

Hi, my name is Marjan Lazarevski and I’m a Photoholic. I would describe myself as an IT professional with great passion for photography.

Mila Atkovska

Tasty photography by Mila Atkovska

Mila Atkovska has been photographing since she could hold a camera, but her professional journey started in 2006 with a tiny digital Nikon camera - Nikon coolpix 4100

Dimitar Atanasov

Photography by Dimitar Atanasov

Dimitar Atanasov is a professional photographer for 4 years, with 8 years of total experience in photography.

Minimal by Ralf Wendrich

Awesome minimalist photography

I thought inspirational posts will be easy – searching the web, looking at photos, choosing some and writing about it. But no, it’s harder than it looks and it takes time.