Monika Mulichkovska

Photography by Monika Mulichkovska

My name is Monika Mulichkovska and I am a graphic designer, but photography is my first love.

Katja Shtrkova

Photography by Katja Shtrkova

I fell in love with photography 4 or 5 years ago. Before I started taking photos I felt a spark every time I took hold of some old family photos or the old family Praktica l2.

Aleksandar Bunevski

Photography by Aleksandar Bunevski

Photographer with a degree in graphic design.   It is natural for photographers to experience photography differently.

Miladin Papovic

Photography by Miladin Papovic

I am an accomplished sysadmin, and (for the past few years of my life) a photographer.

Erina Bogoeva

Abandoned places by Erina Bogoeva

I have always been obsessed with tracking life through a visual medium, so when received my first DSLR, everything made sense.


Photography by Amer Demishoski

I fell in love with photography when I was 15 years old and received a Nikon F1 as a present from my grandfather.

Andonovska Ana

Minimalist photography by Ana Andonovska

“A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away.”

Emilijan Sekulovski

Photography by Emilijan Sekulovski

I am a (soon to be) computer science graduate. I am very much into traveling, visiting positive & friendly places, and of course taking pictures of those places.