Monika Mulichkovska

Photography by Monika Mulichkovska

My name is Monika Mulichkovska and I am a graphic designer, but photography is my first love.

The sweet 365 Finale

Day 365: The sweet 365 Finale

It’s been an exciting year – trying at times and invigorating at others.

A dazzling welcome to 2014

Day 364: Dazzling welcome to 2014

Whether you’re headed to a party or staying at home tomorrow night, have a wonderful New Year’s Eve! Let’s welcome a dazzling new year!

365 Wallpapers - Android app

365 Wallpapers – Android app

Dear friends, I have an exciting announcement. *drum roll* My 365 photo project takes on the form of an Android application: 365 Wallpapers.

A fellow photographer

Day 363: A fellow photographer

I went on a photowalk with a few fellow photographers today. Roaming through Skopje, we took a lot of photos – of the city’s treasures and of ourselves.

First prints

Day 362: First prints

Coming closer to the 365th photo, I picked up the first ever prints of photos featured in this project. Used to seeing my work in a digital format, I was very curious about the prints.

Wrapped in warmth

Day 361: Wrapped in warmth

Warming up on a freezing winter day might feel like gradually transferring into a different, cheerful place and into a different, dreamy state.

Easy prey

Day 360: Easy prey

Today I participated in the making of a stop motion holiday greeting. These Lego characters were part of it too.